Will Victor get some answers too?

“I have a strange question …” The opening of this email immediately draws my attention. The sender apparently has read the article of Victor and me in the newspaper. Via Google and eventually my wuzzel-website she’s found a way to contact me. It’s her father who has read our story with great attention. And who now wants to get in touch with Victor, she writes.

Victor has more holes in his past than I have. Much more. Thanks to My Roots Foundation I was lucky enough to have found my Indonesian family. To Victor such an outcome still seems a long way to go. At least that’s what he thinks since he went to his hometown in Indonesië twelve years ago to look for information.

Victor had more or less resigned and was no longer actively searching. And now this happens. This man comes out of nowhere and offers his help. He might be able to tell Victor about the past.

Oh! Could this be? Could this lead somewhere in the quest of my bonus-brother Victor? I really hope so …

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