A broken heart

A broken heart. Two halves separately and yet together. I could not think of anything more symbolic than this. Today I bought two necklaces with two – mating – half hearts. In one half I had my sister’s name engraved, while my name was there in the other half. So now I can wear my sister close to my heart. And so can she.

For her children, my three nephews and my niece, I went shopping too. For my nephew T. who translates our e-mails from and into English, I got an Ajax shirt. He loves soccer and knows more Ajax players than I do. The Dutch football is apparently well known on the other side of the world. My little niece K. loves princesses (who doesn’t?). On one of the pictures my sister sent recently, I noticed that K. was wearing a Frozen-shirt. For her I bought a Frozen-doll.

It’s just a gesture I hope my sister can appreciate.

The idea was to send these gifts to Indonesia by mail. But Ana has offered to take them with her to Indonesia after her visit to the Netherlands next week.

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