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“Maybe we can make a documentary,” I say to Aldine. With my chopsticks, I’m trying to grab a piece of sashimi, but the tuna slides back on my plate. Quite a fake Asian I am too.

Aldine is a documentary filmmaker. A year ago I designed a logo for her business.  I got to know her as a bold, captivating woman who knows exactly what she wants. She makes wonderful things.

And maybe, just maybe … we she and I could do something with that story of mine. A docu about my research: how were adoptions in the seventies arranged exactly? Where are the mothers (and their children of course who are now adults) who became victims of baby trade in Indonesia? I’m pretty sure there are more adoptees like me, who have been taken away from their mother in the same way. And I can imagine many of these mothers are still alive. In Indonesia. I want to look for them. I want to find the truth. How did it all happen exactly?

Seems to me promising material to make a docu.

Aldine is currently busy running a number of other large, promising projects.* But my story touches her. And she says she’ll think about it.


* A month later Aldine’s debut documentary “Reset” was selected for the Dutch Film Festival

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