A second visit to Magelang

Although Teguh has answered the most important question – is my mother still alive? – during his earlier visit to my hometown, it does not end my story. Instead it has caused more questions. During which period of my mother’s life was I born? Was she married to the father of my sister? Was she pregnant of me during her marriage (as my half sister is 3 years older than me)? Can anyone tell me more about the pregnancy and childbirth? Was I born in the hospital or at home? And at what point has she decided to give me up for adoption? I was told that she had second thoughts soon after. How? What does that look like, a mother with regrets?

These and so much more questions kept on racing through my head the last couple of weeks.

Fortunately, Teguh has offered to travel to Magelang next weekend on my behalf. God, I am so grateful for his efforts and for the efforts of Ana and Christine.

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