Countdown to sunday

“I can hardly wait,” Lia e-mails me. Just a few days before we’ll see her and Coby again! Right there, on that same spot where they had to leave us 39 years ago after a long trip from Indonesia. At Schiphol (the airport). That’s where our reunion will take place.

Initially, our intention was for Victor and I to visit our guardian angels in Bergen op Zoom, where Lia and Coby still live after all these years. But Google Maps laughed at us: yes, for me it would only be a 1,5 hour drive. But – despite how small our country is – it would take Victor a good three hours to get there (and then of course he would have to drive back home that same day also). That wasn’t fun. So I promised to think of a location halfway.

Amsterdam … somewhere near Amsterdam …

When Coby heard what the exact meeting point would be, she jumped up and down. “You seem clairvoyant,” she texted me. “Just last week I suggested to Lia that Schiphol would be a beautiful location for our reunion. This is where we handed you and Victor to your mothers who were full of expectation. We’ll see you sunday! Now we’re the ones full of expectation. ”

Oh how I love it when a story is complete.

See you sunday, dear Lia and Coby! We’ll treat you to lunch. (For that’s the least we can do after you’ve given us plenty bottles of milk on the plane 39 years ago…)

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