Lia, Coby and us: 39 years later

It was raining hard. The Volvo’s windscreen wipers could barely keep up. Victor had already drove for more than two hours from his home in Groningen up to my house, including traffic jam. I myself had – thanks to my two toddlers who had been awake whole night – barely slept at night. Still, we were both in a strikingly sunny mood, when we drove to the airport around noon. This was a day that we had been looking forward to. Watch our special reunion with Lia and Coby. Tomorrow our story will be published in the AD (national newspaper)!

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2 thoughts on “Lia, Coby and us: 39 years later

  1. Heel interessant, goed werk en bedankt voor het delen van zo’n goede blog.

  2. Ik hou van je schrijfstijl. Goed werk!

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