My book

Right after I got the message from Indonesia, that my mother had died, I started writing down my story. A book.

The book tells about the run-up to my quest, the quest itself and finally about what it has brought me. Readers get a glimpse of my past. Using flashbacks to my childhood I try to show that the influence of being adopted has always been present. In this book I describe two turning points in my life. My fear of and, at the same time, my desire to start my own family. How it felt when I actually became a mother (of twins) and found recognition in other human beings for the first time in my life. It is a book about adoption. But even more about family. About (the search for) identity. About the feeling not belonging anywhere. And about connection. It is a story in which also non-adoptees will recognize themselves.

Of course there is this uncertainty: do people want to read my story? Is it interesting enough?

Yet I am strongly convinced I should do this. Write this book. It makes sense.

Next step is to find a publisher…

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