Nina Bobo, Somewhere over the rainbow & Indonesia Raya

A box of tissues would have come in handy. Yesterday the second My Roots Foundation-meeting took place at the Ambassy of Indonesia in The Hague. Finally I saw my ‘brothers and sisters’ again. Feels special.

In the days before musical multi-talent Sander Metz and I had rehearsed our performance we were requested to give. That is: we sent each other mp4’s. Cause with both a full agenda and a long distance in between our residences, we decided this would work as a rehearsal also. And it did. Somehow we just manage to ‘find each other’ on stage. During rehearsals I couldn’t sing ‘Nina Bobo’ (a song I thought was essential in our repertoire) without getting tears in my eyes. It’s an Indonesian lullaby I also wrote about in my book.

I couldn’t say I was sorry about the fact that I was the only creative person in the family. It gave me a feeling of being unique. In some way. In a positive way. 
It set my imagination in full force. It must surely be in my genes. I imagined my biological mother singing songs whole day long.
What would she have sung for me? When I was twenty, I heard this song, ‘Nina Bobo’, for the first time. An Indonesian lullaby. A mother sang it on TV for her baby. It made me smile. A rest came upon me in my head and I got butterflies in my stomach. My body seemed to recognized the melody. 

You can hear my voice shaking. During the singing, I saw my friend Marianna crying in the audience. Well, yeah… of course at that point I couldn’t concentrate on my singing…

Did our biological mothers ever sung this for us? Who knows.

Here’s our version of Nina Bobo



And another thing. Yesterday I realized again I am one of the few that has never been back to Indonesia. Meetings like these always cause quite a conflict in my head. How come I still haven’t made plans? Is it a fear I’m still fighting against? A fear of what? Yudi Hoekstra (KINDweesKIND-foundation) urges me to go. “Just do it!” Who knows. Until that day comes, Indonesia to me is still “a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.” I asked the audience if someone actually knew the Indonesian national anthem. Almost no one did – except for Ana and the Indonesian ambassadors. I must admit: I myself had also never listened to the Indonesia Raya before. Until the past few days, that is. For the least I could do, in my view, was reminding us all that it is also sort of ‘our’ national anthem.

Watch and listen for my version of ‘Sowehere over the rainbow’, which is mixed into Indonesia Raya.



Dear peanuts reading this (and I hope you don’t mind too much that I call you peanuts): thank you for another beautiful day as today was. Ana, Christine and Corianne of the My Roots Foundation: please keep doing what you do! <3

Will you be there too on Sunday, November 20th? At the benefit concert for the KINDweesKIND-foundation in Itens, Friesland? Hope to see you then! (More info will follow)


PS in the picture (from front to back), for those who do not know us: Sander, the Indonesian ambassador, Marianna, me and Yudi.

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