Peanuts & croquettes

Today I went to a meeting of My Roots Foundation in Utrecht. For the first time I met Ana, Christine and Corianne (who recently started to work for My Roots) in the flesh. What an experience to be among dozens of other adoptees from Indonesia!

First there was Sander. A fellow adoptee but also fellow musician. Christine had asked us to perform a song together. And although we hadn’t met until today, let alone rehearsed together, on stage it felt as though we often performed together.

I met Marianna. The incredible coincidence is, that she now lives in a village in the south of Holland where I practically grew up. My grandparents have lived there, every Sunday we visited them when I was a child. My cousin still lives there. The village is part of my childhood. And if you’re not from that area, then chances are zero that you know this place. Marianna is still unsure whether she wants to start a search for her biological family. I think she’s a wonderful person.

I met Yudi. Yudi told all adoptees present his story. And hit us right in the heart. Afterwards Yudi told me that he doesn’t dig the Indonesian cuisine. “I prefer to eat fast food.” I found that quite entertaining.

How strange it feels when you suddenly are no longer the only one with an ‘adopted from Indonesia’ story. Everyone had their own unique story. And yet we shared everything together. We are all peanuts that have received an unfair start in life.

A special day.

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