Radio station Omroep Brabant had noticed my Indowees-blog. “And so, by clicking through your website I found your name. And a phone number,” said the man on the phone whose name I didn’t catch. “I’m calling you about the story of Victor and his sister, that you wrote about. And Lia and Coby from Bergen op Zoom.” The fact that I was not Victor’s real sister, I had to explain first. Also the radioman was a bit surprised when he realized he was speaking to the ‘sister’ herself. He probably thought I was just someone who blogs about other adoptees, haha.

Well, Lia and Coby were the ones he needed. After all, they are the ones living in Brabant, his broadcast area. It still strikes me that the media in Brabant (and the media in the north) are much more active than in the region where I live. Well, it’s allright. Both Victor and Lia have told our story in a way I never could have. At least not verbally. Guess I’m just more of a writer.

Listen to the radio broadcast in which Lia is interviewed (it starts at 23:50). With the introduction (audiofragment of) the YouTube-video I published yesterday.

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