The birth of Indowees

A lot had happened since my call on Facebook. If there’s anything I could determine, it was that so many people sympathized with me. Thousands. I got new friend requests from people who wanted to follow my quest. They literally asked me to tell more about my story.

My search began last November when I first contacted the My Roots Foundation. And actually even far before that. All my life I’ve been searching for ‘family’. Long before I started an actual search, in a way I was searching. As a child I was trying to find my biological mother every time I looked in the mirror. As a teenager I was desperately looking for recognition in everyone around me. There was never a time when I didn’t search.

And now I’ve found family, in every sense of the word: my mother, who deceased shortly before I found her. My sister, with whom I am still trying to find a ” family feeling “. Victor, who remarkably felt immediately like family , even though we do not share the same genes.

But my quest continues. I’m still looking for the missing pieces from my past. There are so many blanks still to fill. I won’t stop until I’ve completed my puzzle.

The making of …
I came up with the idea of a week ago (‘wees’ means ‘orphan’; Indowees in Dutch sounds like the Dutch word Indonees = ‘Indonesian’). People obviously still wanted to follow my adoption search, I had realized after August 29. And what if I might even help other people (by telling my entire story as open and honest as I could)? Clear to me I needed to write a blog. Right now.

And so I have been working extremely hard over the last week to get up and running. The intention was to take my actual quest as a starting point rather than simply start blogging on a given day. And since my search has already begun in November 2015, I backdated all messages up until today. Note: I haven’t made up anything. All texts you’ve read on this site are genuine. The dates and even the times. I’ve written them based on my diary, mail correspondence with friends and my unpublished autobiographical manuscript . The script that hopefully someday will be published. In this book I’m going to elaborate on anything concerning this subject. Consider my blog as a brief description. A timeline.

Today is the day. The launch of! It’s exciting. It’s not just a story I tell. This is my story. This is me. Never before I was this open-hearted.

Welcome, dear readers.

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