The boy that went to Gouda

While browsing my first photo album my gaze fell upon a picture that was so familiar to me. A picture of two Dutch women both holding a small Asian baby in their arms. Those little Asians, that’s Victor and me.

Victor is a name that I’ve known from childhood on. My parents used to tell me about “that little boy who flew with me to the Netherlands on August 24, 1977.” We were handed over to random Dutch tourists, who thus ended their holidays in Indonesia in a very special way. Imagine flying back from your holiday with two babies – you’ve never seen before – on your lap. That of course can only happen in the seventies. Today, it’s the adoptive parents themselves who pick up their adoptive child in the country of origin. At least.

The only thing I know about Victor is that he went to Gouda with his adoptive parents. What happened to him since? How is he doing? My quest has so far been mainly focused on Indonesia. While part of my history moved with me to the Netherlands …

Where are you, Victor?

Let’s see what social media can do.

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