The reunion

What made our reunion somewhat uncomfortable was the camera crew from RTV Noord that was practically on top of me when I got out of the car. I believe a director would call it ‘filming at an appropriate distance’.(Makes me curious what shooting at an inappropriate distance looks like. But that aside.) The attention our story is getting in the media is insane. Journalists from the AD and the Dagblad van het Noorden visited us this afternoon.

Is always a surprise how a story ends up in black and white. Which statements are highlighted. Or (hopefully not) taken out of context. I am a magazine journalist. I like when interviewed afterwards tell me they recognize themselves fully in the piece I’ve written. With a thank you, because they are so happy with the article. Hopefully Victor and I can thank those journalists later also. Probably. We’ll see…

This is the story of Victor and me. A new start was made. In Groningen, with both our families. It must be said it was also my boyfriend’s birthday. He didn’t mind focussing completely on me on his birthday. That’s called love.

In the past weeks Victor and I have been video-chatting on Skype a lot. So it didn’t come as a surprise really that it would click between us in real life. “You feel like a bonus-sister to me,” Victor said. And that feeling is undoubtedly mutual.

I’m gonna close this fantastic weekend with a short video report .

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