‘Totally amazed’

Never have I dared to dream that my story would inspire. Let alone fly all the way across the ocean. Yet it did. From the United States today I received the following message:

Dear Wendy,

I was just made aware of your story and am totally amazed at what you have’ve been able to do. Your efforts and the role played FB That should be written up in a book. I hope you will entertain Eventually That idea …

I’m the founder of www.theindoproject.org in the USA and would like to have you tell your story but unfortunately we only publish in English. I feel really sad that the English speaking Indos around the world will not learn whether your journey. If you ever publish your story, please consider having it translated into English and if a movie (yes, yes) have it subtitled.

Stories like yours tell about Indos and the adversity they have conquered. The younger generations need to know about it, so usefull they can learn from your experience. Thanks much and much success with all you do

~ Priscilla Kluge McMullen

My story becomes our story. A bigger whole. Me, I get inspired by Priscilla’s message. It may just give me the final push to give my manuscript a second try. The book I’ve been working so hard on in the past few months. And since all that’s been happening I can add some new chapters now. And then send it to a publisher…

* The above quoted text is published with the permission of Priscilla Kluge McMullen

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