YES! I’m gonna search for my roots!

After long deliberation (38 years that is) I now have finally decided to start my search. No, I’m not planning to go to Indonesia myself. Not yet. Rather, I call on the help of an organization that actually has some experience in searching for biological family abroad. That has a network in Indonesia and speaks the language well. Who knows which people and organizations you need to approach and how.

Just sent an e-mail to My Roots (Mijn Roots). My Roots was recently founded by Ana Maria and Christine. Two Dutch women adopted from Indonesia like myself. These women have set up a small organization to help other adoptees search for their roots. Ana does operates in Indonesia, where she moved back to a couple of years ago (back to the roots). Christine works from the Netherlands.

Hi Ana and Christine,

I was referred to you by Fiom. I contacted them yesterday, as I was looking for an organization who could help me search for my biological family in Indonesia. The woman I talked to said that a search is definitely possible, based on the information I had given. Yet she was so kind as to point out another option: “Just take a look on the website of Mijn Roots. They specialize in searches in Indonesia.” So thoughtful of her!

After having read your website, I have a good feeling about your organization. Of course I still have some questions. To start with: do you still take ‘clients’ currently? Is it possible to start a search soon? Those are the most important questions I have for now, I think.

Briefly about me: I was born in 1977 in Magelang (Java), Indonesia. When I was five months old, I was adopted and came to Netherlands. I’ve always lived in The Netherlands. I’m working as a freelance journalist and illustrator. I live with my boyfriend in Bennebroek (North Holland). Since may 2014 we are proud parents of identical twin girls.

There has always been a latent need to be reunited with biological mother, or at least to find out more about her. This desire has been strengthened, now I’m a mother myself. Time is also definitely a factor. I don’t automatically assume that my biological mother is still alive. I would surely like to know though, whether she’s deceased or not. Also, I am wondering if I have siblings. And if so, where are they? And anything I can find out about my father. I am not 100% sure, if I would like to actually meet them in person. That depends of the progress and outcome of this search. Regardless of the outcome: I’m sure I won’t regret putting all of this in motion. It would be a plus, an addition to my life, to get answers. I’m not doing this to become happier. I don’t see it as the solution for everything. My life does not depend on this search. My life is already good. But if I don’t start a search for my roots now, eventually I may be too late. And that’s a thing I would certainly regret.

That’s it so far. I hope to hear from you!


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