Letter to my sister

Bennebroek, 3 March

My dearest sister,

It’s hard to write a letter to someone you’ve never met. Where do I start? Oh well, I’ll just start and we’ll see where it leads us. Because I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and our mother Marwiyah.

First of all, my condolences with the loss of our mother. I can hardly express in words how sorry I am for not having searched for her a couple of days earlier. It breaks my heart when I think about her never knowing I was looking for her. The day before yesterday, on the 1st of March, I got the news. On that same day I heard about you for first time.

You were probably in shock when you heard that somewhere on the other side of the world another daughter of Marwiyah existed. And you should know I’m so happy you want to get in touch with me.

My name is Wendy Maria. I was named ‘Maria’ by someone back then in Indonesia. I don’t know if it was mama Marwiyah, who named me Maria, or someone else. I was born on 14 March 1977. And five months adopted by Dutch parents. Therefor I flew to the Netherlands in august 1977. I have an adopted brother Tim. He is two years older than I am and he’s adopted from Vietnam in 1975. Growing up with a brother was fantastic. But you know what, I have always known, felt and hoped that I had a sister. And that sister turns out to be you!

I’m very curious about your life. How are you doing? What do you do in everyday life? Do you have nice friends? Do you like music? I play the piano and I’m a singer in a band. I’ve always wondered if I herited the love for music from my Indonesian family (can you tell me if our mom had a gift for music?). I love writing and I draw and paint. I even do all those things for a living now. Are you creative yourself?

Could and would you like to tell me more about mama? What kind of a person was she? All my life I have wondered if I looked like her. If I might have inherited certain character traits of her. Could you send me pictures of her and yourself? Maybe even photos mom when she was younger?

I live in Bennebroek, with Arthur and our identical twins Lea and Mara (2014). I’m looking forward to visit Indonesia – and you – with my family, in the future.

There is so much to ask, so much to tell. For now I’ll just leave it at this. I hope you’ll write me back.


your sister Wendy Maria

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