Message from Ana

Surabaya, February 15

Hi Wendy,

I am contacting you with a latest update. Unfortunately we have not received any reactions to your ad via social media and from organisations which are involved with your search.

The next step is that someone is going to search a whole day in Magelang for more information. I would prefer to do this myself, but since I am 38 weeks pregnant, the baby is due any time now. It would only be around May until I can search for you, which is on voluntary basis.

I can also send someone earlier to Magelang to search for you. You will pay for the expenses regarding travel and lodging. You will receive a report and photos of the search. Please let me know if you would want to go ahead with this.

After giving birth I am again invited to a talk show in Indonesia where I will promote the website that contains your search request.

Greetings from Ana


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