Famous in Bergen op Zoom

Yes, we are in the newspaper! In the Saturday edition of BN De Stem (a regional newspaper in the south of the Netherlands). Following my Facebook call journalist Florence Imandt sent me a message earlier. The Brabant newspaper was interested in our story. She wanted to write an article about it, seen through the eyes of Lia and Coby since they live in Bergen op Zoom, the region Florence writes for. Lia and Coby (who are still totally overwhelmed by all the attention they’ve gotten in the past week) both reacted enthusiastically. The interview took place last Thursday.

They’re heroines. They were when they took Victor and me under their wings that one day in august 1977. And they still are today. At least, that’s my humble opinion.

“We enjoyed the interview,” Coby whatsapps me.
“We just complemented each other,” Lia writes in an e-mail afterwards.
Turns out they remember- almost forty years later – almost every detail of our journey.

Hopefully Victor and I can schedual a visit in Bergen op Zoom soon. For a reunion with our guardian angels.

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