The Vijverberg family also found

I receive messages from around the country. People who want to help me in my quest. From adoptees who identify with me. And from people who tell me they have been touched by my story. In return it touches me that so many people show their support and compassion.

Ms. Vijverberg
With results. Because now I’ve managed to trace Mrs Vijverberg too. The woman who took care of me for several weeks in Jakarta. Just before I flew to the Netherlands. Thanks to the Vijverberg family I was strong enough to make the greatest journey of my life.

First I get in contact with K. Vijverberg, one of the daughters, to whom I was referred by various Facebookers. K. tells me her mother unfortunately is seriously ill. Yet K. makes sure I may call her mother.

Her voice is gentle. But our conversation is somewhat difficult. For reasons of privacy I won’t dwell on that too much. She does remember me. And I can say that I am now one step further in the solution of my puzzle. “Talk to the Van Keulen family. They know everything,” mrs. Vijverberg said, just before we hung up.

Family Van Keulen
Daughter K. gives me the e-mail address of the Van Keulen family. Yes, she knows them, vaguely. I decide to write an e-mail right away. Mr. Van Keulen replies me within a few hours. He too would like to help me in my quest, he says, but fears his information is scant. Yet to me every detail is equally valuable. Each puzzle piece, however small, contributes to a greater whole. Mr. Van Keulen tells me about ‘Uncle Gan’ (Gan San Koen) in Semarang. Many babies at that time went into the adoption process through Uncle Gan… it’s the same name I heard yesterday during my telephone conversation with Coby. And so every detail people tell me seems to be connected.

It will be a long night… I still haven’t replied everyone who made the effort to send me a (private) message. And it will take a long time before I’ll fully comprehend what’s happening right now.

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