Victor found after 39 years!

I am completely overwhelmed. Speechless. And hyper. Today I made an appeal, which was shared massively on Facebook (the counter is currently at 6734 and still counting). And I can now inform you that it has worked …

VICTOR HAS BEEN FOUND!!! We have just met on Skype. And oh how special this is. We can’t stop talking. Tears in my eyes as I’m writing this. Victor and I are also planning on visiting the two ladies that brought us to Holland – Lia Maas and Coby Tack – because THEY HAVE BEEN TRACED ALSO.

Tomorrow I’m going to call both Lia and Coby. Unbelievable.

Still looking for the Vijverberg family. Through various pm’s I’ve received more and more indications about them already. Also this afternoon, I was approached by a radio station offering me the possibility of making a radio call. So eventually we will find them, I’m sure of that.

I wanna thank all Facebookers from the bottom of my heart for sharing.

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