The child (…) has the birthright (…)
to know his parents and be cared for by them.
– CRC Article 7  


Have you been adopted yourself and you want to start a search for your roots? Or maybe you’re still hesatating and wanna get in touch with fellow adoptees to share some experiences.

Search with the help of My Roots
I myself have had a great deal of help from My Roots Foundation. Not only did I find my biological family thanks to them, but it also brought me a network of Indonesian ‘siblings’. Adoptees. Ana Maria, Christine and Corianne work from their hearts. They’re angels if you ask me. Check the website for more info. And remember Liking the Facebook page to follow all kinds of Indo-related messages. Really, it’s worth it!

Getting in touch with other adoptees
On Facebook you’ll find various groups for adoptees. I myself am a member of Indonesian Adoptees Worldwide. But that’s just an example of many.  Once in a while these groups set up social activities on which you can participate. Think of a group dinner (oh and if you do not like activities including food, of course you’re not a real Indo).

Mail me
Feel free to send me an e-mail. I don’t know everything, but as  a so called experience expert maybe I can help you out a bit … Mail to